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For Designs & Engineering Ltd

Specialist Chartered Seismic & Structural Engineers

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Company Profile

Our Vision

Simple and advanced competitive seismic and structural engineering solutions with cost effective and hassle free projects to achieve best quality and high standards certified by quality assurance procedures freeing clients to live their own dreams and lead enriched lives at home and at work.

Our Philosophy

It is our policy to provide value structural engineering services that are timely, efficient, and meet the clients’ expectations. Highest levels of Engineering Analysis, Design and Draughting Services using the highest standards and professionalism with creativity and innovative expertise of the firm shall be given.

CONSULTANCY HOUSE For Designs & Engineering Ltd is a specialist Auckland North Shore based small Seismic and Structural Chartered Engineering practice originally established in 1991 in the Middle East as a multidisciplinary consultancy and re-established in New Zealand as a sole practitioner, home-based business, and then progressed to be a limited company with purpose-office in Albany to provide specialist seismic and structural engineering services to the construction and development industry in Auckland region and all around New Zealand to deliver hands-on, back-to-basics philosophy with affordable, cost effective designs and a high standard of personalised services.

CONSULTANCY HOUSE For Designs and Engineering Ltd have established itself as a leader in the seismic assessment of existing buildings or damaged buildings due to the series of Canterbury earthquakes preparing IEP, DEE, IEP Plus, DA or DSA reports with strengthening or upgrade solutions, foundations repairs in TC1, TC2 and TC3 sites in Christchurch, development or re-development projects of national retail, residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure market sectors. We work within, and improve on, the IPENZ Code of Ethics and individual Code of Conduct. We have dedicated ourselves to meet our objectives and progressed to be distinguished Chartered Seismic and Structural Engineering Consultancy in New Zealand and to deliver the highest quality structural engineering services by achieving high technical standards and cost effective terms, to purposely satisfy our clients’ own needs. Continuous improvement of our knowledge both competently and individually is a priority to be achieved with strict and practical application of relevant New Zealand Standards in all projects and attending new technology professional development seminars towards success. We endeavour to make sure that our performance and activities we carry out be the most outstanding in the direction of reaching our goals.

We understand that a successful project integrates the design and construction requirements into simple and smooth projects. By soliciting the input of the construction team during the earliest stages of planning to concept to detailed design processes.

CONSULTANCY HOUSE For Designs & Engineering Ltd is certified to provide engineering services in New Zealand and the Middle East and offer excellent technical experience and an innovative approach to each individual project. We endeavour to provide high-quality structural engineering consulting services and standards to our clients. We provide the highest services to our clients who are building New Zealand, developing infrastructures, retails and residential buildings completing the project without major schedule changes or exceeding budget. Therefore, these services provide innovative economical structural solutions consistent with all architectural and planning constraints and are practical, constructible and durable, while maintaining a competitive construction cost and satisfying the architectural and client objectives promptly and efficiently. We undertake to achieve the agreed expectations of clients as well as providing added value to the projects.

It is the company’s policy that the Director gets involved with each project from the beginning; i.e. from concept design to completion to ensure that the client remains our central focus through proper quality control of our work and co-ordination between the other design professionals and contractors.

We have designed and worked on numerous projects such as repairs of earthquake damaged foundations of residential buildings, seismic assessment and strengthening of existing or earthquake damaged buildings, private residences, residential and commercial office buildings, shopping centres, warehouses, educational facilities, health institutions, churches, seismic design of new structures, swimming pool facilities, and several other structures within New Zealand and the Middle East.

As professional chartered seismic and structural engineering consultants, we work individually with our clients regardless of the size or complexity of a project and strive to outperform their expectations. We take superiority in being able to present hassle-free, well-timed, practical solutions for our clients’ structural engineering requests. We are a long time recognised, well reputable practice, specialists in our field and educated about our service and industry.

Our Clients and Client Satisfaction

CONSULTANCY HOUSE For Designs & Engineering Ltd intends to continue with and establish long term relationships and a reputation for excellence. Accordingly, our business model is to grow at a pace entirely consistent with that philosophy so as to ensure all projects and clients are treated as a priority. We are well-equipped and experienced in providing quality structural engineering analysis, assessment, design expertise and structural detailing with technical competence to manage small to large projects.

Our clients base is diverse and include consultants, architects; architectural designers; private individuals; Local Councils and District Authorities; municipalities; institutions; developers; contractors; construction companies; large, well-established private residential building companies; utility companies; state-owned enterprises; material, product suppliers and manufacturers and other clients.

Namir N. Amso, CPEng, MIPENZ (Structural), Int PE(NZ); graduated with B.Sc. in Civil Engineering in 1978, then earned his M.Sc. Civil Engineering in 1982 and M.E. Civil Engineering (Seismic) in 2005; is responsible for the overall management of structural projects and has expertise in a variety of structural types with positive thinking, enthusiasm, sharing a love of structures and what he can do. He has more than 35 years of experience in seismic assessment and strengthening of existing or earthquake damaged buildings, foundation repairs of earthquake damaged buildings, analysis, designing and detailing of steel, concrete, timber, masonry, aluminium and plastic structures. His past projects include seismic assessment and repairs of earthquake damaged buildings, residential and commercial buildings, shear wall multi-storey buildings, commercial warehouses, rib-raft floor systems, health and educational institutions, seismic assessment and design of liquid storage tanks, small bridges, handrail balustrades, varieties of retaining walls design and peer reviews of multidisciplinary structures. His expertise in project management skills enable him to maintain long-term successful client relationships.

Personal Perspective

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