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Welcome To Consultancy House!

Welcome to Consultancy House For Designs & Engineering Ltd, a multi-disciplinary structural engineering company originally established in 1991 in the Middle East and re-established in New Zealand since 2000 providing professional seismic and structural consulting engineering services all across New Zealand.

We provide professional “One Stop” Structural & Seismic Solutions for all your engineering needs for commercial, industrial and residential structures; construction monitoring, seismic assessment of existing and earthquake damaged buildings.

For a no obligation and fully confidential chat, call the Team at Comsultancy House now on (09) 442 5556 OR click “Contact Us” here to fill in the appropriate boxes and submit to Consultancy House.


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Or Alternatively click here to e-mail us your enquiry with a brief description of your request. leave us a note of your query. An engineer will get back to you straight away to confirm a time to call you back or meet with you to your convenience at your business or home premises.

If you have a seismic assessment query including IEP, IEP Plus, DEE, DA or DSA reports; foundations and structures repairs of earthquake damaged buildings; other consulting structural engineering services or would like to quote on a new or upgrade of your structure then:

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